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Information from EBCP Spring Meeting, Brussels 25.03.2023


  1. CPB Guidelines: The aim is to have a next update by 2024.
    The previous EACTS CPB Guidelines were published in 2019.
    You cand the guidelines here.
  2. Europerfusion Congress: The very first Europerfusion Congress held in Strasbourg on Saturday, 28 October, offers not only the new technologies in perfusion but also for the very first time offers a well-developed simulation program. Interested Perfusionits can submit their abstracts in Europerfusion website and all the Perfusionists invited to participate in large numbers for the interesting discussions
  3. Perfusion Simulation: The need for Perfusion Simulations is the need of the hour. The future idea is to standardize the simulation courses across Europe and connecting each simulation centers thereby maximizing the benefits of such programs for all the Perfusionists under EBCP
  4. Communication between EBCP Delegate and EBCP: The new rule is to have a Delegate from each country in board meetings as a Must. In case she/he cannot attend the meetings for certain reasons, one of the local society board members can replace them as an exceptional case.
  5. Accreditation Committee: Six new schools have been accredited in Europe. The Kalaidos School in Zurich is accredited until 2027.
  6. ECMO Certification Courses: ELSO offers ECMO Certification courses from experienced lecturers with interesting discussions. Please feel free to take part in it. More information can be found in EuroELSO Website
  7. Certification Committee: requests every ECCP certified members to have a Twizzit account and enter the proper date of birth and recent photograph. Lost password can be easily retrieved using your date of birth in Twizzit. Please pay the pending payments for your respective recertification on time. Please contact your local Delegate for any clarifications.
  8. The scientific committee:  prepared the « Multicenter EBCP Survey on CPB Practices in Adult Cardiac Surgery » Please follow this link to access the preview of the Survey.
    Thank you for your appreciated collaboration.
  9. E Learning Platform: A common E Learning platform for Europe is underway. The idea is to interlink various perfusion educational platforms to connect students to improve learning experience as well as connect perfusion educators to keep the perfusion education level high and equal across Europe.

Dr. Frank Born; 3.03.1961 - 16.12.2022, died suddenly. An obituary!


An obituary is a sad thing. It is about a person who is no longer with us. People use words like much too young, much too soon and unexpectedly. All of these certainly apply to Dr. Frank Born, who died on Dec. 16, 2022. It sounds like empty words - hollow and empty. But how to comprehend the incomprehensible!

Frank was a perfusionist with all his heart. Growing up in Germany (Hammelburg), he first trained as a nurse. With this diploma in his pocket, he moved from Würzburg to the German Heart Center in Berlin (DHZB) to train at the newly founded Academy for Perfusion. He was one of the first students. His long professional career has a number of stations. He was in Ulm, Bad Neustadt/Saale, Stuttgart, Nuremberg, Freiburg, Konstanz/Kreuzlingen, Düsseldorf and finally Munich (LMU/Großhadern). With his manner he could almost everywhere inspire people for the profession to be a perfusionist.

As a team leader and head of department, he stood behind his employees, encouraged them and gave them space to develop. Fear, like many others, that someone could be better than him - he hadn´t. "Who's the boss in your team?" outsiders asked from time to time - he didn't need a herald to carry a flag in front of him and blow the horn for awareness.

Education and training of perfusionists was always close to his heart. As a mentor and supervisor of bachelor's and master's theses, he leaves a gap that will be difficult to fill. He always supervises someone.

Early he supported Furtwangen University, Faculty of Mechanical and Medical Engineering (Prof. Dr. Gerd Haimerl). Not only in this Frank was a visionary. There were issues that concerned him, often long before they were on the agenda of others.

At the Scandinavian School of Perfusion, he is pursuing his Master of Cardiovascular Technology (MCT). This was followed in 2020 by a doctorate at the Clinic for Cardiac Surgery at LMU Munich. 

Other career highlights have been many. Representative for these, the development of a hybrid system for extracorporeal circulation (Primini, KARDIOTECHNIK 1/2008) should be mentioned. With which the easy change from MiECC to conventional perfusion was possible. Nowadays called MiECC Level IV.

Much more important, however, and the trigger for his later professional interest, was the development of a transport system for ECMO/ECLS patients, with which not only the first Swiss-wide helicopter flight succeeded, but also the world's first transatlantic flight on ECMO (Life-Box, KARDIOTECHNIK 3/2010) - both in collaboration with the REGA Switzerland. The fact that the Air Ambulance Fort Lauderdale, which was first approached, said the transport across the Atlantic was not feasible made him particularly proud. Clinical perfusion outside the safe conditions of a hospital is one of the most challenging tasks our profession has to offer - here he was one of the pioneers.

As a scientist, he was responsible for countless publications and will be remembered as a sought-after speaker and lecturer.

From 2005 to 2018, he was a board member of the German Society for Perfusion (DGfK) and a driving force in the realignment of the society. "Should I stand for election again?" he often asked when board elections were due. He investet not inconsiderable hours of his free time for his work as a board member. He managed as long as he felt needed.

During his time in Switzerland, he always participated in events related to perfusion. He always encouraged others from his team to become involved in Swiss Society of Perfusion. His commitment to REGA lasted until the end.

His family was very important to him. His middle name, Hans, from time to time made him say that he is Hans in Luck, when the subject to his family came up.

Frank Born had rough edges. He knew what he wants, and he was assertive. He could also polarize for some issues. Frank is like a racehorse, is how someone, who had known him for a long time, once characterized him. In the starting box he is nervous, snorts, sometimes he wedges out. But when the door opens and the race begins, he wants to win, and he will be among the first. "We're on the right track," he has often said when the results of an evaluation have proven him right once again.

He was one of the greats in our profession and he was often among the first. But now he has ended his run - too young, far too early and unexpectedly. He passed away peacefully in the night. We will miss him. The world has become poorer without him. Our condolences go to those who are left in deep mourning: his wife Monica and daughters Clara and Paula.


Thomas Dreizler, Christoph Lipps

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